FiLaw offers business, management and financial consulting services to a select clientele in the film, leisure, entertainment and international business community. 
FiLaw provides business, management and financial consulting services in many areas of entertainment and international business.  FiLaw is a leading company in negotiating special legislation in overseas jurisdictions to waive adverse royalty, customs and employment rules on behalf of film and entertainment producers.   

FiLaw operates in all 193 nations as well as more than 200 other major sub-national and supra-national jurisdictions worldwide.
Contact Information
FiLaw welcomes inquiries from potential clients and their professionals advisors.  Information is provided on a fee-for-services basis.  Email FiLaw at

Clients who do not remember their passwords or cannot log-in are requested to contact the FiLaw office for assistance.
Practice Areas
FiLaw offers consulting services for the following business communities:
          Film Studios and Production Companies
          Theatrical Production Companies
          Singers and Other Entertainers
Leading Boutique Firm
FiLaw prides itself as the leading boutique professional firm which provides each of its clients with individual, personalized attention with unsurpassed service and results.
Private website
Entry into the FiLaw website is restricted to FiLaw clients and their professional advisors.